Flamboyance : Nippon Paint Vs Asain paints

Replication of old strategy is taking place in the growing data  based technology, that you can see in most fascinating sector of chemical industry. Among tenacious grip of big players in paint industry, two such company is fighting for acme in southern india.

One such company is

Nippon Paint


The company, was founded in 1881 by Jujiro Moteki under the name Komyosha. In 1954, Nippon Paint established a 50/50 joint venture with Bee Chemical which was named Nippon Bee Chemical Co.,Ltd. In 2006, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Paint.

Currently, nippon paint heavly invested their share towards advertisement in southern india. Antagonist investment are completely differ from nippon paints belief.

Thing is whatever nippon paint is promoting its brand associates with strategy ensues by intel through out the decade.

Intel is a B2B who uses the marketing tactics of a B2C. They appeal to the end user. Intel makes money when consumers purchase Intel-powered products. Through mass-market advertising, Intel boasted about the power and speed of their technology. They encouraged consumers to look for the “Intel Inside” sticker on a product before purchasing it. The campaign even had a memorable jingle.

Same B2C strategy arises from nippon paint as a sponsor in diversified TV programs,nostalgic childlike ads in reputed channels in southern india.



Coming back to strategy of asainpaints, first thing would be it harvest fresh MBA students from well known institutions such IIMs. Currently its having a group of enormous elite person in the deck. Meanwhile, profit slumps down in a consecutive quarter of this year.

Asain paints uses B2B strategy from its arise. Upto now, it implemented various delicious things to its distributors as assigning a target, winners get luxurious tour package in addition to some money.

With that, the strategy doesn’t end. They encourage distributors in such way that interacting with family members, just like get to gather party .

Asainpaints investment on distributors makes profit in some point, whereas cultivating customers towards nippon paints seems greater tenure for sustained development in such a industry.


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